The General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (A-Levels) is the standard British school-leaving pre-university qualification offered by ISCB throughout Years 12 and 13. This is a two year study programme and is equivalent to the Spanish bachillerato, the International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement (US). The A-Levels programme is the springboard to world-renowned British, US and Spanish Universities, as well as other institutions around the world. Students typically choose four subjects, and exceptionally five, in which to specialise.

Our GCSE offer will support and strengthen access to our high quality A Levels.

English LiteratureEnglish LanguageModern HistoryGovernment & PoliticsGeography
Triple Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology)MathematicsBusiness & Economics/MarketingArtDesign & Technology
Computer ScienceGraphic DesignMedia / RoboticsFilm and PhotographyTextiles and Fashion

It is our main aim to help all our students to pursue and accomplish all their childhood dreams and aspirations, as well as accompany them in this adventure of developing their confidence to investigate and enquire, to solve problems and to take responsibility for their own learning.


Key stage 5

Key Stage 5 is also the last stage of Secondary Education for students aged 16-18. Throughout KS5, students go through more intense and challenging courses in very specific subjects like mathematics and physics. Students will be working towards A-Levels which forms the traditional route to university.

At ISCB in the Sixth Form, students study up to 4 A Levels, is a full time two years course. Advanced Levels or A-Levels are subject-based qualifications that British students aged 16 or older must get if they plan to enter university or just want to gain better knowledge in a particular study area or profession they’re into.


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