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About us.

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Welcome to International School Costa Brava.

Welcome to ISCB, the International School of Costa Brava, a British International School offering the National Curriculum of England and Wales from Nursery through to Year 13. We are proud to be the only British school in the Girona province, providing safeguarding and ensuring a secure and supportive learning environment for our students.

All our classes are taught exclusively in English, fostering a language-rich atmosphere that prepares our students for global opportunities. Additionally, our school boasts a substantial art department located in “Escola de Ceràmica de la Bisbal” contributing to a well-rounded and creative educational experience.

Established in 2020, ISCB stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of international education. Comprising a dedicated team of internationally trained teachers, our mission is clear: to empower every child with a multitude of opportunities and to unlock their full potential.

Set amid the breathtaking beauty of Platja d’Aro’s natural landscape, our school provides a unique and inspiring environment that encourages every student to explore, learn, and grow. At ISCB, we believe in nurturing young minds, guiding them on a path to become the architects of their own futures.

Our mission


We offer a stimulating, engaging multicultural environment where the intellectual, emotional and creative potential of each student is developed, optimised and respected.


At ISCB we nurture individual potential and talents based on our very bespoke educational programme. All our students come to school each day feeling loved, respected and encouraged to develop to their fullest potential.


Unity, equality, collaboration, and responsibility are the fundamental cornerstones upon which our students construct their futures as engaged, open-minded global citizens and self-reliant thinkers. These values of unity, equality, collaboration, and responsibility are the foundational principles that infuse every facet of our educational mission.


We are an educational institution recognised by the Generalitat de Catalunya. The school follows the English National Curriculum from Early Years and throughout all the Key Stages. We undergo regular inspections by all the competent authorities. We are also certified by Pearson Edexcel, which enables us to conduct iGCSE and A-level examinations.

We are also a member of EPIC, a business association of private and independent schools in Catalonia.

Our facilities

Sport Facilities

Volleyball field / Football field / Forest School & Hiking / Outdoors PE equipment / Water Sports

(20 min walking distance from the beach where we regularly practice water sports)

School Facilities

Library / Science lab / Art room / Dining room / Plenty of Outdoors Learning spaces / Fabulous views to the Mediterranean Sea


Eucalyptus Playground for Early Years / Outdoors play-area for free-flow in EYFS / Primary playground / Secondary playground /Forest

Other Facilities

Farm / Meetings room / Reception / Teacher’s room

Apply for admission

Open enrolement

Our easy and straightforward admissions process is designed to help you get in touch with us quickly and comfortably by completing this simple contact form. Please read on for information that will help you in the process of applying and/or finding out more at International School Costa Brava.