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British Curriculum International School

British Curriculum

At ISCB as an International British School, we follow the British National Curriculum for England in all our Key Stages, from Early Years to our Post-16 provision, finishing the educational journey with the A Levels.  

The British National curriculum is a world-renowned educational model, which ensures that teaching and learning are carried out with balance and consistency. It comprises all the key subjects and is adaptable to the individual needs of students.

The prestige and quality of the British educational system are widely recognized.


Teaching values

Personalised learning

At ISCB, we plan based on our particular students’ needs and talents. Individualised working plans is one of the key features of the British Curriculum.

We nurture creativity, autonomy and interaction

We personalise learning and small group work

We foster independence and collaborative learning

We develop critical thinking and creativity in problem solving

We promote academic development and provide pastoral support through regular personalised monitoring, feedback and guidance


High standards International School

High standards.

As a British International School, ISCB offers globally-recognised qualifications which can be a passport to prestigious western universities. In fact, the British curriculum is widely considered to be the “gold standard” of international education.

Our programmes, assessments and IGCSE and A-level qualifications are externally assessed and moderated by official regulatory bodies.  Our rigorous academic standards are the benchmarks of quality and excellence.  

How we do it?

Learning by doing International school Costa Brava

Learning by doing

At ISCB, we emphasize hands-on learning and critical thinking skills  to foster the integration of new experiences and build a solid foundation of knowledge. Our focus on critical thinking, communication, and emotional education forms the core of our educational approach

Personalised attention

At ISCB, we emphasize hands-on learning and critical thinking skills  to foster the integration of new experiences and build a solid foundation of knowledge. Our focus on critical thinking, communication, and emotional education forms the core of our educational approach

Specialist teachers International School

Specialist teachers

We pride ourselves on our native instructors with extensive experience and exceptional preparation. They bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to deliver outstanding education.

Stimulating environment

ISCB offers a dynamic setting with a vast private forest, captivating sea views, and the enchanting backdrop of Platja d’Aro. The perfect canvas for inspired learning and growth.

High standards International School

High standards

We are committed to excellence, setting high standards to empower our students with the best education. Opening doors to a world of limitless opportunities and bright futures.

Dual accreditation and access to higher education

At ISCB, we offer the unique advantage of dual accreditation, providing students access to Spanish, British, and international education systems. A gateway to diverse global opportunities

Forest school

Forest school

Delivered by qualified practitioners in our privileged natural setting,  offering authentic learning opportunities that positively impact children’s lives by connecting them with the environment and  fostering independent thinking, critical skills, and personal development within a safe, supportive, and valuedriven educational community.


Multicultural and multilingual

We embraces multiculturalism and multilingualism, celebrating diversity and promoting a rich and inclusive environment for students from various cultural backgrounds and languages.

Teaching values

Teaching values

We aim to create independent learners and thinkers within a safe and supportive international environment where every student can thrive and develop positive academic, life, and interpersonal skills. Some of our fundamental values include respect, kindness, responsibility, and resilience, shaping a holistic approach to education that goes beyond academics.

Admissions process

1. Personal Interview with the family

The admissions team will be in charge of interviewing the family and the student candidate. This first meeting will serve to familiarise them with the philosophy of the school and allow them to better understand the programs offered, and see if the school model fits the student’s needs. In case your family is still abroad, we also offer virtual interviews.

2. Candidate Assessment

Candidate assessment is based on the following criteria: a personal interview with the potential candidate, an academic transcript or report and references from your child’s previous school. When necessary, the candidate will undertake an entrance test. 

To ensure a smooth transition, a trial day/period is recommended. Candidates with learning difficulties, social-emotional or other specific needs, must communicate this to the admissions team at the time of initiating the application

3. Acceptance and Enrolment

Students accepted to the school must fill out additional documentation before being able to start their classes, in addition to paying the corresponding tuition and other pertinent payments. In the event that there is no place once the student is accepted, the admissions team will work to resolve the situation as soon as possible. Preference will be given to families who already are at school

Fees and discounts

Please click the button below to access the ISCB Welcome Pack, which includes comprehensive information about additional fees and available discounts:


Google reviews

Excellent school, with a comfortable environment and an individualized approach for each child! Education is delivered in English, even in secondary school, whereas in other English schools, from the age of 12 onwards, the teaching is in Catalan. The academic year schedule is based on the English timetable, with classes ending at 3:45 PM. The facilities are all renovated, bright, and spacious! The school meticulously preserves Spain’s historical heritage. All teachers are native English speakers, very welcoming and friendly! For children with developmental issues, there is an adapted curriculum. My child arrived with almost no English, and a personal tutor was provided until his English level matched his peers! The child goes to school eagerly and with a desire to learn! I highly recommend it!

Oxana Beshkurova


It has met that expectation and more. The teachers teach the subjects in a way that even the most challenged student understands it, each person gets individual attention and a friendly learning equipment. The school is international, but everyone gets along, fun culture merges emerge almost regularly. Some students have problems with english, Spanish or Catalan, there are free programs to help your child in school. There are 3 different levels for Spanish and Catalan and 2 different levels for English and French. Do you want for your kid to have excellent IGSCE results and do A-levels without spending a fortune on tutors or extra education courses? Do you want to live in a peaceful seaside town? If the answer is yes then this marvelous school is for you. 

Natalya Ganina

Google reviews

The best international school of this region. My two girls were so happy attending it!

Анастасия Ненько

Student testimonials

Diana & Ruslan


I like my school because I learn lots of things. Our shcool special because we speak english every day. We have a big forest where we learn about plants, we built a tree house and learn how to cook fish on fire. I also like my school because we have a farm and we made a cool solkden inside the class. I love to play in the playground because we can play football and many other things.



This school is perfect for me because we have a forest and a football field. Our school has competitions games and fun days througout the year like Halloween, Christmas and Easter. We have kind teachers, perfect food, friendly students and it is international, so that means we speak English. We have fun lessons. Sometimes a group of people even get to fly to other countries during Odissey of the mind subject. We have pet animals at school too and soon, we will have fish.



I love this school, I came from a school in which teachers used to make fun of you and make you feel bad, in which they don’t put effort into explanations. This school made me realize that I love learning, and that teachers will explain to you 100 times if it’s necessary and always with a smile. This school changed my life.



As a Year 12 student at ISCB preparing for my A-level exams, I can confidently say that the support from our teachers has been amazing. They are always there to help with any questions and give great advice to make sure we’re ready for our exams.

The school has a welcoming and respectful atmosphere, which has made my time here really enjoyable. Being part of such a diverse community has opened my eyes to different cultures and ideas, and has prepared me well for university. Thanks to ISCB, I feel ready and excited to take the next step in my education journey.

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