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We provide a concept-driven, student-centred programme that actively engages students through personalised learning within a framework that enables them to successfully achieve their full potential.






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British Curriculum International School

British Curriculum

At ISCB as an International British School, we follow the British National Curriculum for England in all our Key Stages, from Early Years to our Post-16 provision, finishing the educational journey with the A Levels.  

The British National curriculum is a world-renowned educational model, which ensures that teaching and learning are carried out with balance and consistency. It comprises all the key subjects and is adaptable to the individual needs of students.

The prestige and quality of the British educational system are widely recognized.


Teaching values

Personalised learning

At ISCB, we plan based on our particular students’ needs and talents. Individualised working plans is one of the key features of the British Curriculum.

We nurture creativity, autonomy and interaction

We personalise learning and small group work

We foster independence and collaborative learning

We develop critical thinking and creativity in problem solving

We promote academic development and provide pastoral support through regular personalised monitoring, feedback and guidance


High standards International School

High standards.

As a British International School, ISCB offers globally-recognised qualifications which can be a passport to prestigious western universities. In fact, the British curriculum is widely considered to be the “gold standard” of international education.

Our programmes, assessments and IGCSE and A-level qualifications are externally assessed and moderated by official regulatory bodies.  Our rigorous academic standards are the benchmarks of quality and excellence.  


Learning by doing International school Costa Brava

Learning by doing

At ISCB, we emphasize hands-on learning and critical thinking skills  to foster the integration of new experiences and build a solid foundation of knowledge. Our focus on critical thinking, communication, and emotional education forms the core of our educational approach


Small classes

Our methodology prioritizes small group learning to enhance students’ opportunities for independent thinking, idea development, effective communication, and the optimization of teacher-student relationships, peer bonds, and personalized coaching, ultimately bringing learning to life for every student.

Specialist teachers International School

Specialist teachers

We pride ourselves on our native instructors with extensive experience and exceptional preparation. They bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to deliver outstanding education.

High standards International School

High standards

We are committed to excellence, setting high standards to empower our students with the best education. Opening doors to a world of limitless opportunities and bright futures.

Forest school

Forest school

Delivered by qualified practitioners in our privileged natural setting,  offering authentic learning opportunities that positively impact children’s lives by connecting them with the environment and  fostering independent thinking, critical skills, and personal development within a safe, supportive, and valuedriven educational community.

Dual accreditation and access to higher education

At ISCB, we offer the unique advantage of dual accreditation, providing students access to Spanish, British, and international education systems. A gateway to diverse global opportunities


Multicultural and multilingual

We embraces multiculturalism and multilingualism, celebrating diversity and promoting a rich and inclusive environment for students from various cultural backgrounds and languages.

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities

Hands-on learning experiences. 4 different School Clubs: Sports Hub, Creative Hub, Language Hub and Homework Hub.

Academic offer

Early years

 From 3 to 5 years old


 From 5 to 11 years old

Secondary / iGCSE

From 11 to 16 years old

Post 16 / A-levels

From 16 to 18 years old

Emotional education, inclusion & wellbeing.

Our students’ emotional well-being is fundamental to their academic achievement. Both in and out of class, our students are supported by a team of highly qualified teachers and specialist practitioners.

Inclusion and wellbeing

Inclusion & wellbeing

Language support

Upon arrival, teachers assess each student’s language proficiency to determine the appropriate placement. Our ultimate goal is to consistently support the student’s language acquisition journey, guiding them towards fluency in the language. 

Students who do not have a strong grasp of English receive specific attention in small groups during their initial year with us. Throughout this first year, teachers assist them in catching up and having the level of English that allows them to access their lessons’ main content. 

Language support

Bullying prevention

At ISCB we aim to nurture and develop SELF-ESTEEM, EMOTIONAL RESILIENCE, POSITIVE SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS and INDEPENDENCE. Our approach to Bullying is based on SOCIAL PEDAGOGY and RESTORATIVE PRACTICE. Protecting our students from any kind of abuse is one of the priorities of International School Costa Brava. 

Please refer to the Anti-bullying Policy.

Bullying prevention

Special needs education

ISCB’s Learning Support department is led by qualified SEND practitioners who shadow the progress of all our students from the point of entry. At ISCB we make sure that no student is left behind, and we tailor and design both the curriculum and the different learning journeys so that every student achieve their full potential and fulfils dreams and aspirations.

We work together in partnership with families, teachers and other relevant professionals and agencies to make sure we take every single angle affecting the child’s development is taken into consideration. When ongoing specialised attention is deemed to be required, ISCB collaborates with a series of external professionals to ensure that specific needs are met.

Our school policy ensures that parents and other significant family members participate and are involved in all interventions, to guarantee optimum support, inclusion and development in all instances. 

School life and services

Green Environment

Green environment

School lunch

School uniform

School uniform

Books and material

Books & material

The Houses

The Houses

Latest technology and gadgets

Latest technology and gadgets

Fees and discounts

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